• Weeks Marine, Inc. is one of the largest providers of dredging services in the United States. It is the only operator of hydraulic, hopper and clamshell dredges based on the East Coast and it is the largest provider of these services in the Gulf region. The specialties that have made the Dredging Division of Weeks Marine an industry leader, include:

  • Weeks Marine, Inc.'s Construction Division is an international engineering and construction organization specializing in marine related construction projects. The Construction Division, along with our affiliate company, Healy Tibbitts Builders, Inc. of Hawaii, has completed projects along the coastlines and waterways of the United States mainland, Caribbean Basin, Gulf of Mexico, Hawaii, as well as Central and South America.

  • Weeks Marine, Inc.'s stevedoring division is based in the Port of New York/New Jersey and is one of the largest stevedores on the East Coast of the United States. Weeks is uniquely equipped to provide rapid, efficient and economical services to a wide variety of customers.

  • For coastwise and ocean towing, Weeks prides itself on the condition and maintenance of our larger oceangoing tugs. These tugs are equipped with double drum tow winches, and are manned by knowledgeable crews, well experienced in multiple and specialized tows. Within the past decade, we have successfully completed hundreds of challenging and unique double and triple tows, many of which have required detailed preplanning and preparatory engineering to ensure a safe and successful voyage.

  • The Heavy Lift & Salvage Division of Weeks Marine, Inc. specializes in providing the spot market with onetime waterborne lift services. The lift services utilize the extensive Weeks Marine equipment inventory including floating cranes ranging from 35 to 500 ton, steel deck barges ranging in sizes from 90' x 30' to 250' x 75' with capacities from 250 to 5,000 ton, and tug boats with horsepower from 400 to 4,200.

  • Weeks Marine, Inc. owns and operates a large, diversified fleet of ocean and inland service barges, available for bareboat charter. Our charter fleet of over 100 barges consists of many different types, ranging from 90' x 30' material barges to 250' x 75' ocean deck barges capable of trading worldwide on the high seas. The charter fleet is supported by the Weeks' Towing Division. Turn-key packages, combining barge and equipment charters with towing and heavy lift services are also available.

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