• The Towing Division played a vital role in the delivery and final placement of the new Willis Avenue Bridge along with the removal of the old Willis Avenue bridge spans. 

  • The Towing Division of Weeks Marine, Inc. provided the 1440 Hp Tug “Virginia” as the dedicated tug to support our Construction Division project towing needs on site.  In addition to providing a dedicated tug to the site the Towing Division also covered the tows of all equipment to and from the site utilizing other vessels from our fleet.

  • The Towing Division of Weeks Marine, Inc. performed a variety of towing services from full time on-site project support including Anchor Handling, Mobilization and De-Mobilization tows, and the tows of our material barges during our Construction Divisions PATH Project on the North River between Jersey City and Manhattan.  Our shore-side staff and tug crews worked to coordinate the movement and positioning of our equipment in this high traffic area with both the project staff and the Coast Guard to maintain an open channel for vessel traffic and to ensure navigational safety.

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