Heavy Lift & Salvage

The Heavy Lift, Salvage and Marine Transportation Division of Weeks Marine, Inc. specialize in providing one stop waterborne services.  We are able to accomplish this due to our vast inventory of floating equipment which includes tug boats, floating cranes, and deck barges.  The division has developed its experience and engineering ability responding to a wide variety of requests from the maritime and commercial industries over the past four decades.

   Our pedestal mounted floating cranes, allow for full rotation which offers the most efficient system for repeat cycle tasks such as the loading or unloading of vessels.  The capacity and reach of these cranes also make them the most effective cranes for heavy lifts from ocean carriers.  Additionally they are well suited for working in narrow ship channels where shear or stiff leg designs may be hampered by limited swing space or swift water currents.


Finally, all of the Heavy Lift Divisions cranes are outfitted with self elevating mooring spuds.  The spuds allow us to perform lift work without the need of having a bulkhead to moor to.  This also alleviates the external forces applied to the bulkhead by lines or mooring cables.  This is a great easement to engineering if the integrity of the bulkhead is in question.  The physical attributes of the barges are attractive as well.  There is a dedicated cargo area on each floating crane, therefore eliminating the need for additional barges to transport cargo.


  Weeks Marine takes great pride in all stages of your project cargo move, from inception to completion.  As with all waterborne projects there are certain obstacles we must overcome to complete a project. We will ensure that all options are exercised to complete your project in the safest and most economic way.

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