Weeks Marine, Inc.'s stevedoring division is based in the Port of New York/New Jersey and is one of the largest stevedores on the East Coast of the United States. Weeks is uniquely equipped to provide rapid, efficient and economical services to a wide variety of customers. Our current operations reach from Providence RI to Port Arthur TX.

We operate a fleet of floating cranes which are equipped with 6 to 28 cubic-yard rehandling buckets for granular cargoes such as salt and coal and 5 to 13 cubic-yard grapples for rough bulk such as scrap and stone. These cranes are gantry and pedestal mounted and capable of servicing barge to Cape-sized vessels.


Any of these floating cranes can be mobilized to handle all dry bulk commodities such as scrap iron, coal, salt, minerals, soil or stone. The stevedoring division also offers shippers and receivers a complete package of stevedoring services in our Port Newark Terminal with handling, storage and weighing for inbound or outbound shipments. We have performed ship to ship transfers and lightering operations to reduce or eliminate berth calls, avoid ocean carrier demurrage penalties or accommodate mother ship to feeder ship plans.

The Weeks Stevedoring Division has also been active in marine structure demolition, wreck removal, landfill capping and a variety of remediation activities. The self-mooring capability of our floating cranes allows us to work along shorelines or facilities which would not otherwise allow commodity handling in remote locations, idled facilities or destinations which have limited truck access. With a fleet of hopper and deck barges, we are able to handle and transport all types of material for a vast array of projects.   

Stevedore Fleet   

  • 504 – Crane Floating Clyde Model 24
  • 510 – Crane Floating Clyde Model 24
  • 511 – Crane Floating Clyde Model 24
  • 518 – Crane Floating Clyde Model 20
  • 521 – Crane Floating American R20
  • 524 – Crane Floating Clyde Model 28
  • 529 – Crane Floating Clyde Model 28
  • 535 – Crane Floating Clyde Model 28
  • 536 – Crane Floating Clyde Model 28
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