WMI's Dredging Division is comprised of over 400 dedicated employees with vast experience in this specialized trade. WMI owns and operates a diversified fleet of dredging and support equipment capable of performing the most complex and demanding dredging projects.

The fleet comprises (6) cutter suctions dredges from 24"to 30", (2) 4,000 cy sea going hopper dredges, (7) clamshell dredges from 6cy to 30cy and hundreds of pieces of floating plant including boosters, barges, boats, cranes and other ancillary equipment necessary to support dredging operations. WMI is currently in the process of augmenting its fleet with the new construction of an 8,500cy hopper dredge and a 30" ocean class cutter suction dredge. The new builds represent state of the art equipment and technology and will significantly enhance the Division's capability and capacity in the future.

  The Division performs dredging associated with deep draft navigation, beach replenishment, coastal restoration and a myriad of other dredging projects from coast to coast.    Customers include the US Army Corps of Engineers, Navy, state and local agencies as well as private entities. 


The Division's mission is to provide superlative dredging services in a safe and environmentally sensitive manner. WMI's commitment to its customers, employees and the environment is exemplified in its Incident and Injury Free (IIF) culture.

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