• Deck barges range in length from 85’ to 240’. Select barges are equipped with stanchions, as seen on right; which allows for safe transport of pilings and other cylindrical materials, while others feature concrete wear decks.

  • Featuring heavily constructed decks with steel side rails, these barges are designed for the transport of sand or gravel, in addition to other general construction materials.


    Carfloats range in length from 250’ to a maximum of 362’. These barges feature matted decks, ideal for crawler crane operations, spuds, and/or anchor systems, as seen on right (select barges only).

  • Hopper barges are open type with cargo capacities varying from 1000 to 3000 short tons. Many feature double skin construction for added cargo safety. Double skin construction also allows for faster, less costly clean out operations.

  • Deck barges with matted decks designed for crawler crane operations. In addition, select barges are equipped with spuds and/or anchor systems.

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