•  WMI's Dredging Division is comprised of over 400 dedicated employees with vast experience in this specialized trade. WMI owns and operates a diversified fleet of dredging and support equipment capable of performing the most complex and demanding dredging projects.

  • Weeks Marine's Construction Division specializes in the engineering and construction of marine facilities and structures, and along with WMI's wholly owned subsidiaries, Healy Tibbitts Builders, Inc. and McNally Construction Inc., has completed projects in Canada, the Caribbean Basin, Gulf of Mexico, Central and South America, the Central Pacific Islands of Micronesia, as well as along the coastlines and waterways of the United States.

    Our Typical marine construction projects include:

    •    Piers, Wharves, and Bulkheads
    •    Specialized Mooring Systems

  • Weeks Marine, Inc.'s stevedoring division is based in the Port of New York/New Jersey and is one of the largest stevedores on the East Coast of the United States. Weeks is uniquely equipped to provide rapid, efficient and economical services to a wide variety of customers. Our current operations reach from Providence RI to Port Arthur TX.

  • The Towing Division of Weeks Marine, Inc. offers a fleet of tugboats ranging from 660 to 4000 horsepower to meet our customer’s needs in both domestic and international trade.  We specialize in multiple barge and difficult/delicate towing assignments, anchor handling, ocean, coastwise, harbor towing, along with tending and towing for the marine construction, dredging, and salvage industries.

  • The Heavy Lift, Salvage and Marine Transportation Division of Weeks Marine, Inc. specialize in providing one stop waterborne services.  We are able to accomplish this due to our vast inventory of floating equipment which includes tug boats, floating cranes, and deck barges.  The division has developed its experience and engineering ability responding to a wide variety of requests from the maritime and commercial industries over the past four decades.

  • Weeks Marine, Inc. owns and operates a large, diversified fleet of ocean and inland service barges, available for bareboat charter. Our charter fleet of over 100 barges consists of many different types, ranging from 90' x 30' material barges to 250' x 75' ocean deck barges capable of trading worldwide on the high seas. The charter fleet is supported by the Weeks' Towing Division. Turn-key packages, combining barge and equipment charters with towing and heavy lift services are also available.

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