Weeks Marine's Construction Division specializes in the engineering and construction of marine facilities and structures, and along with WMI's wholly owned subsidiaries, Healy Tibbitts Builders, Inc. and McNally Construction Inc., has completed projects in Canada, the Caribbean Basin, Gulf of Mexico, Central and South America, the Central Pacific Islands of Micronesia, as well as along the coastlines and waterways of the United States.

Our Typical marine construction projects include:

•    Piers, Wharves, and Bulkheads
•    Specialized Mooring Systems
•    Jetties, Groins, and Breakwaters
•    Bridges
•    Offshore Structures
•    Subaqueous Pipelines
•    Ocean Intakes and Outfalls
•    Marine Demolition, and
•    Subaqueous Tunnels

The scope of projects performed by Weeks Marine ranges from the replacement of a single mooring dolphin in the Delaware River to the rehabilitation of bridge fender systems and docks for ferries in New York harbor; From the installation of sewer outfalls in Barbados and American Samoa to the installation of an ultra deep sea water intake pipeline in Hawaii; From the construction of a multi-ship mooring facility in Pennsylvania to the design and construction of multi-million dollar bulk material handling docks and marine facilities or the export of petroleum products in Venezuela and Trinidad.

Weeks Marine is actively pursuing marine energy projects (Offshore Wind, Oil, Gas, Coal, Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion, Seawater Air Conditioning, Tidal and more) in domestic and international markets.

Weeks Marine maintains the ability and flexibility required to perform such a diverse variety of small and large projects by retaining a staff of highly qualified engineers, estimators, project managers, superintendents and equipment operators. These individuals have many years of hands-on experience on multi-disciplined projects; ensuring that our expertise is maintained at a state-of-the-art level within the industry.

Supporting the Division’s expertise is one of the largest inventories of marine focused construction equipment in the United States. Weeks’ marine fleet includes crane barges with hoisting capacities of up to 700 tons, deck barges as large as 340’x78’, as well as tugboats up to 4,200 horsepower. This sizeable and comprehensive equipment inventory assures our customers of Week’s ability to perform virtually any type of marine construction project without the risk of having to procure equipment from third parties.

Our overall marine construction capability is further strengthened by the other Weeks Marine divisions; Dredging, Marine Transportation, Heavy Lift and Salvage, and Stevedoring. Each Division has the ability to call upon the expertise of the other(s). This ensures that Weeks can fully respond with in-house personnel and equipment to any type of marine construction project, large or small. Further, each project undertaken by Weeks, regardless of size, receives the personal attention from one or more of our executives; who maintains overall project management responsibility until the project is satisfactorily completed and turned over to the customer.

The Construction Division has its headquarters located in Cranford, New Jersey, with satellite offices in Portsmouth, Virginia and Houston, Texas.  Healy Tibbitts Builders is based in Honolulu, Hawaii with a regional office in Guam.  McNally Construction is headquartered in Hamilton, Ontario, with regional offices in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Sorel-Tracy, Quebec, and Cleveland, Ohio.  Please feel free to contact us at any time concerning your marine construction requirements.   Weeks Marine, Inc. wants to be your premier choice in marine contracting.

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